Lotion Bar (Single-Use)

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Our lotion bars are sure to please your skin.  Individually wrapped and created using rich cocoa, shea, and mango butter.  A concentrated treat for dry skin places – hands, feet, cuticles, legs, and elbows, and stretch marks.



Our lotion bars are sure to please your skin.  Individually wrapped and created using rich cocoa, shea, and mango butter.  A concentrated treat for dry skin places – hands, feet, cuticles, legs, and elbows, and stretch marks.

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12-piece, 24-Piece, 8-Piece

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  1. danillet

    Note from customer Antoinette Woods.

    I have been using Sweet Scentsations’ products almost ten years now. From scented candles, soufflé soaps and cakes, body butters, closet, drawers and car deodorizers to customized lipstick, lip balm and perfume, I can say that I’ve NEVER been disappointed! These products are made from the best ingredients! OMG, almost forgot about the Pedicure gift basket that did wonders for my husbands feet! No seriously, since using her products he no longer has to leave his feet at the salon to soak overnight!! Trust me, which ever product you decide to try, you won’t be disappointed!

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